About lmv financial services pvt ltd

Our Journey

LMV Group started its journey on 4th September 2015 with LMV Financial Services with a vision to provide affordable loans with affordable interest rates to those in need. It was a success to bring our vision to life and the clients on the market responded tremendously to it, which inspires our spirit to expand that vision further. Our main goal is to make our customers happy, we made it happen with our continuous hard work and thirst to strive for our customers with our services, and we achieved more than what we expected.

In February 2018, we started LMV Insurance Broking Services. With the vision to save our customers and their family's future from all uncertainties. With our LMV Group, our customer family has grown bigger by welcoming new customers every day to our LMV Family and bringing smiles into their life with our Fast and Quick claim process. In 2018 our Life Insurance and Health Insurance are the best sellers in the market.

In 2019, we went through a lot of uncertainties and the world has shifted its focus on Digitalization as there is no contact or direct interaction with the customers. We, LMV Group, in collaboration with our customer family, started our new business entity and named it LMV IT Solutions Pvt Ltd to empower businesses to run online with a website and connect them to customers through different means of web interaction. As part of our creative posts, we focused on Digital Marketing to engage more customers. It used to be that brands would look for customers to come to them and select them, but in recent times customers are more meticulous about their favorite brands. We develop websitesS and create Branding for our customer's websites and help people search for our customer's products or websites.

In our journey, we observed a nice trend in Investments related market and started our new entity LMV Investment Services Pvt Ltd in January 2020. Our new entity will be providing our existing and new customers with financial investment planning services like Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, Saving Schemes, PMS(Portfolio Management Services), AIF(Alternative Investment Fund), Financial Planning, Life Insurance, and General Insurance plans. Our most experienced wealth managers will help you grow and manage your investments in a planned way. So, you can just relax and enjoy your returns.

All our customers throughout our journey have continued to trust and support us, and we appreciate your continued support as well. Each of our customers and well-wishers was by our side in the good times and the difficult ones.

Our Mission

To serve our clients with atmost dedication and integrity so that we exceed their expectations and build enduring relationships. we always give honest and unbiased financial solutions and earn our cilent's everlasting trust.

Our Vision

Understanding our clients needs and design them better financial planing. Our aim is to be continuously be in touch with you with new offerings in market.

LMV Financial services Values


  • We aim to meet our customer's requirements; in a bid to offer maximum value.
  • Our goal is to help our customers with their financial needs while creating a social impact.
  • We are right behind our customers until customers accomplish their financial requirements.


  • Our primary focus is to provide personalized and prospective solutions for every individual needs.
  • Our customized loan plans help us improve the affordability of EMIs for everyone with the time and resources we invest in our customers.
  • We will cultivate excellence by challenging ourselves with courage and strength.
  • We aim to create an environment that encourages innovation, encourages mentoring, and celebrates our journey.
  • We will keep striving to provide such a great experience through uncompromising service.


  • To build long-term, caring relationships with our clients, we expect to trust and mutual success.


  • Being creative, friendly, and responsive to our customers’ ever-changing needs.
  • So that our focus has, and always will be the customer.
  • We believe in treating each of our customers, in the same manner, we would want to be treated, and we strive toward achieving that goal every day.
  • We actively seek to know and understand people.

Get In Touch

We are committed to providing you with the best financial products and services available. If you have any service-related requests or inquiries, please use this space to contact us. We appreciate taking feedback and complaints from our customers. info@lmvfinancialservices.com any time of the day, or call (+91) 40-40060770 MON-SAT, 09:30.AM - 06:30.PM

Or walk into your nearest branch...

Our Customer Support team will be available from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at all LMV branch locations. (Monday through Saturday, excluding national holiday weekends.)